TOPBM Cornerstone Club

TOPBM (The Open Platform of Building Materials) has a history of outstanding achievements in the building materials industry. It has created a flood of cooperation among industry experts and business elites.

TOPBM Cornerstone Club is a zero-distance interaction platform whose members build mutual trust while communicating in a friendly, cooperative environment. At all times, Club Members will witness TOPBM’s commitment to professionalism, quality, and value.

TOPBM Membership
Architects, Designers, and Engineers

Members include design institutes, private designers, architects, and engineers. TOPBM promotes interaction between the building materials and design industries, prompting creative inspiration and artistic innovation.


Members include builders, contractors, decoration units, and more. When you join TOPBM Cornerstone Club, you can exchange business and project information in addition to specialized industry knowledge.

Developers and Homeowners

Members include land agents, property developers, and homeowners. Cornerstone Club helps you architecture-related information so that you can seize business opportunities in project engineering. Together, we’ll dig deep into the latest research on market development and investment strategy.

Distributors and Agents

Members include distributors or salespeople of various building materials. TOPBM is your most valuable resource as you master market trends, seek business opportunities, meet partners, and expand your market.


Members include manufacturers of building materials. TOPBM feels that manufacturers are first link in the whole industrial chain. Cornerstone Club promotes cooperation between manufacturers and other fields in order to create more commercial value for everyone’s products.

Introduction to TOPBM Cornerstone Club's Activities

When you join TOPBM Cornerstone Club, you’ll start receiving invitations to our ongoing online and offline activities. All your invitations are tailored specifically to whichever type of business you provide on your membership registration form. Some of our events include:

  • "Experience Sharing”, “Elite Cocktail Party", "Selection & Interaction”, “Design Competition”;
  • “Business Fraternal Salon”, “Seminar of Marketing & Strategy Analysis”, “Cooperation Meeting”, etc.
  • TOPBM’s seminars and events will bring you more business opportunities, more product orders, and more effective partnerships.

How to Participate welcomes professionals working in any sector of the construction, building materials, or decoration industries. From major corporations to individual practitioners, TOPBM will help your business succeed!
        With TOPBM Cornerstone Club, anything is possible.

TOPBM Cornerstone Club Activities Feedback and Cooperation